vShare Pro for iOS 9.3.2

If you are a jailbreak user who updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.3.2, we wouldn’t be surprised if you are extremely frustrated at the moment. Well, as you must have already figured out, there are no jailbreak solutions available for iOS 9.3.2, as of now. If you are used to using Cydia tweaks, trust us, we know how annoying this can be! You are used to using all those paid apps for free and now it seems like there is no way to be able to do that!


Well, here’s the good new: IT IS STILL POSSIBLE. The answer is vShare Pro 9.3.2, an app that allows you to download pirated apps without having to pay at all!

vShare is NOT Illegal! Here’s How!

So how does vShare Pro let you download all those paid apps for free? Well, if you want to understand the working of the app, it is actually pretty interesting (and pretty sneaky, at that!). If you look at it technically, vShare Pro is NOT illegal! That’s right. It is a legal app that has illegal apps within it, which is why it has been impossible for Apple to spot it so far. Basically, vShare has been made with Apple’s enterprise license. This is a certificate Apple gives to companies and businesses so that they can legally make their own apps for iOS users, so that their employees can use the same apps for the management of everyday workplace tasks.

The developers of vShare paid for this license and created an app that houses an entire app store of pirated apps within it! Isn’t that smart? It is technically not illegal because it comes from a loophole that has been overlooked by Apple. And guess what? It has been running without having been spotted since 2011!

How to Download vShare Pro on iOS 9.3.2

It goes without saying that you need to make the most out of this loophole while it is still there! Here are the steps to download vShare:

    1. Open Safari on your iOS device and visit www.vsharepro.org

      Image Credit – vsharepro.org

    2. Wait for the page to load. Then, look at the toolbar at the bottom of screen, where you will see an Up arrow. Tap on it.

      Image Credit - vsharepro.org

      Image Credit – vsharepro.org

    3. Next, tap on ‘Add to Homescreen’.

      Image Credit - vsharepro.org

      Image Credit – vsharepro.org

    4. Next, Tap on Add at the top right corner.


      Image Credit – vsharepro.org

    5. The vShare Pro icon will now be on your Homescreen.

If you see an error during the process, here are some steps you can take:

    1. Close all the background apps.
    2. Close all the extra tabs open in Safari, Try downloading the vShare Pro icon again.
    3. If this doesn’t work either, restart or reboot your device. Then, follow the above mentioned steps again. It should successfully be installed now!

If everything fails, you will need to use vShare Pro Helper to download the app on your iOS device through your PC. It is a longer process, but should work well in case of other problems! Happy downloading!

Source – vShare Pro

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  1. Aravind Golla says:

    I could not get FaceTime on my iPhone 5S, I tried to install cydia even that I can’t do. Please advise me.

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