Top Hidden iOS 10 features

Apple Released iOS 10 with lot of features that they showed in WWDC but the list of new features don’t end there, Today we aill show you top hidden iOS 10 features. On June 13, Apple revealed what we had been waiting for a while: iOS 10! At WWDC 2016, the tech giant revealed the features of the much-awaited upcoming OS, and we must say, there is more than we expected.¬†Following extensive testing this summer, the public beta program will be available next month, while the complete release is expected some time in September.




What is iOS 10 Compatible With?

Before we list the several features that the new OS has come up with, let us look at whether or not you will be able to use it on your device. Following are the devices from Apple that iOS 10 is compatible with.

  • iPhone 5 and above (including 5C and SE)
  • iPad 3 and 4
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPod Touch 6
  • All upcoming devices

Like we thought, you can’t use the software if you are still on the lighting connector.

Hidden iOS 10 Features

So what does the new OS have in store for us? Here some some of the most exciting features we’ve seen.


  • It is new and improved! This time around, Siri has been opened to third-party developers, which means that you will be able to have more normal conversations with your virtual assistant.
  • Siri will now work for apps like Whatsapp, Uber, Skype, etc.
  • You will get better suggestions on the QuickType keyboard; Siri will suggest sentences instead of just words!


  • Voicemails will now be automatically converted to text! You will able to view them in easier versions.
  • The company has parterned with Tencent from China in order to allow spam calls to be identified and filtered out.


  • You can now make use of live camera views!
  • Emojis are better and bigger, and your keyboard will now suggest emojis for the words that you type, so that you won’t have to look for them anymore!
  • A feature called Invisible Ink lets you send a message with an element of surprise. The receiver will have to slide their finger over the message to reveal it, sort of ‘rubbing it off’.
  • Bubble effects will let you emphasize your messages.
  • Full-screen effects are being made available!
  • Messages are also open to third-party developers now, providing better integration.

Lock Screen Widgets

  • Slide right on the lock screen to reach the camera.
  • Slide left on the lock screen to open widgets for the Today Menu.

Lock Screen Notifications

  • Bubbles of notifications will now appear on your lock screen.
  • This is available for the stock messaging and notifiations as well as third-party apps like Uber and Whatsapp.

Clear All Notifications

  • With the 3D Touch, you can now (finally!) delete all notifactions instead of having to delete on at a time.

Raise to Wake

  • This interesting new feature lets you pick your phone up and see the notifactions without having to unlock the screen. Simply picking your phone up will wake it up!

3D Touch Shortcuts

  • Some apps allow adding widgets.
  • Touching some app tiles creates a more graphical look.

Better Control Center

  • Swiping up will not open the Control Center.
  • There are only 4 shortcuts.
  • Toggles are larger and easier to see.
  • Swiping right opens music controls.


  • Photos will now be organized using object, facial and scene recognition. This will make them easier to sort and find.
  • You can now see your photos on a map to see where they were taken!
  • A new feature, Memories, lets you see life events by grouping photos together.¬†Videos can also be automatically put into a movie together.

Apple Music

  • The music app is makeover, with a new design.
  • Cover art is now more prominent and lyrics are shown more clearly.

Apple Maps

  • You can now see what’s ahead on a route, including traffic in real time.
  • CarPlay users will be able to find routes with lesser traffic, complete with turn-by-turn directions.
  • Maps will also be open to third party developers.

Apple News

  • The app has a new design.
  • It provides personalized stories and topics.
  • You can now also subscribe to news and get breaking news notifications.

Home App

  • To tie it all together is this app, that lets you have all your gadgets in one place.
  • Siri and Control Center can be integrated on your Apple iOS 10 devices, and you can see notifications in multiple places.

To get hold of all of this, let us just hang in there till the official iOS 10 release in September!

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