Top 3D Touch Tips that you Don’t Know

How to Use 3D Touch in iPhone 6S iOS 9, It’s been over a week since the new iPhone 6s was launched and since most of you have started owing it, it’s just the right time to share a few tips on the 3D touch that we have spotted. We aren’t talking about the basic features offered by the 3D touch, and below we are going to put through to you a few steps that will help you might have to use in few scenarios making your life easier using the new iPhone 6S.

Previewing a tab on Safari using 3D Touch

Previewing a Tab is done by just opening the Tab view, continued by a 3D touch of the Tab required to be previewed. By now, we are all familiar with the Peek and Pop that is supported and this comes into action in the following way.

  • If you want a peek at the Tab, that is just a brief look, press Lightly.
  • Now if you want to pop out the Tab, press Harder and you will be on the required page.

Curious what a message would contain; Peek without sending a read receipt

Peeking into a message having an unread status will not trigger read receipts and the message will not be marked read either. You will still be able to read the entire data mentioned in the message without actually fully opening it. Now that’s a good trick.

Quick reply by just swiping up on a Peek

Once you peek into a message, and need to reply to them quickly, swipe up and it will lead you to default message which can let you respond quickly.

Quick contact links / info: 3D touch the Contact Pictures

3D touch a contact on your mail, message, contacts and it will let you to a quick short cut where all the info of the contact is obtained and this menu has options to initiating calls, messages or emails immediately. Tapping the name of the contact leads you to the concerned general info page of the contact!

3D Touch for Text Selection

Top of the list and the stand out so far is the 3D Touch Text select.

The basic principal to the working of the Text Select is it is similar to using the track pad mode, ie the keypad is being displayed to highlight the text that is editable, this actually helps you quickly highlight the text that isn’t editable on websites or other texts.

Tap on the word that has to be selected and without taking your finger off the screen, 3D touch it, that is when the word gets highlighted, sliding your finger to go directly to the mode of highlighting the text required in a single simple motion. This is a very Quick and effective tool and much faster than the old drag handles to select text.

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