iOS 9 and iPhone 6S Release Date Confirmed

The rumors will finally be laid to rest if the reports are true that Apple has officially announced the release date for both iOS 9 and iPhone 6s. This will be good news to every iPhone love. In one of his latest reports, John Paczkowski from BuzzFeed said that Apple has settled on a 9 September as the big day. John Paczkowski is a seasoned reporter whose reports in the past have come true, so this information has credibility attached to it. He further stated that Apple will be launching the new rumored iPad and Apple TV.



Among the features the new iPhones will have include new Force Touch technology, and improved cameras. Their processors are also believed have improved in terms of speed. In short, those who have been thinking of buying iPhone 6 can make their minds and get something better such as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The most striking thing about this report is that John Paczkowski thinks that Apple will launch its new iPads in this event, something that Apple has traditionally been doing separately in the past. It usually happens a month after the launch of iPhone, in October. A further twist into the report is that Apple is expected to launch iPad mini and Air models, on top of these, it will launch the 12.9 inch Pro version, which has been cautiously rumored.

The rumor conclusively states that Apple will also launch Apple TV in the 9 September event. Previous rumors had stated that Apple will go for a slimmer design and a more powerful processor for the Apple TV. It will also come with an improved touchpad remote and ability to support native games and apps.

Even if Apple launches the set-top box at the event, the launch of the subscription Apple TV seems most unlikely. But if there is some truth in Paczkowski’s report, then it will be justified to expect the iPhones to hit the shelves later the same month they are released. Going by what happened last year, the date these devices could be available on the selves could be 18th September. Same date last year, Apple launched the current ranges of iPhone.

The 9 September date also seems most convenient for Apple to launch the iOS 9. It does not matter what you are waiting for, whether it is the new iPhones, iPads, Apple TV or iOS 9, the upcoming event will have touch everyone’s life in a unique way. Keep your eyes open for any updates regarding these products.

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