iOS 8 Jailbreak Release Date

Apple has recently released the iOS 8.1 beta form to all the authorized developers and it will soon be available to non-developers by the end of October. This awaited release is also expected to launch the Apple Pay. The latest iPad Air as well as the iPad Mini 3 and 27 iMac Retina are stated for announcement by the Cupertino Company.


As iOS 8.1 beta form is only about to release, one can expect the iOS 8.2 update to release only by early 2015, which is the same time that the Apple Watch is predicted to launch. Consequently, the iOS 8.3 might launch only by the mid of 2015. As we can see, there is a huge gap between the releases of all the above mentioned updates. This leaves enough time for the release of iOS 8 jailbreak which can be expected by this year November or at least certainly by the end of 2014.

Unfortunately, Apple users cannot expect the iOS 8 jailbreak to release any sooner than November as creating a jailbreak is a time-consuming process.

Exploits Required for iOS 8 Jailbreak exists


Musclenerd, well-known developer and a member of the jailbreak team Evad3rs, says that the iOS 8 contains enough exploits needed to create a jailbreak. The team also has tough competition from another jailbreak team Pangu because of which Evad3rs is trying its best to be the first one to come out with the jailbreak.

Jailbreak team Pangu has also committed to release iOS 8 jailbreak very soon. While Evad3rs mentioned that they would be concentrating only on creating a jailbreak for iOS 8, Pangu released the jailbreak for iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.1.2.

We can expect a jailbreak for iOS 8 by Christmas 2014. For instant delivery of iOS 8 Jailbreak to your inbox add your email to our Jailbreak List below.


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