iOS 8 Cydia Supported Devices

On June 2nd Apple opens their annual World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. It is hoped that iOS 8 will be revealed at the keynote speech, followed by the first beta and, once this happens, we can start to think about being able to jailbreak and download Cydia onto our iOS devices again.

Image : iOS 8 Cydia Supported Devices

ios 8 cydia supported devices

Once the first beta is released, the jailbreak developers will begin to start work on the jailbreak and, with any luck, shortly after public release, we should be able to see an untethered jailbreak for the new firmware.

With iOS 7, Apple took the decision to make it fully compatible with only a certain number of devices. Some of the older ones did receive support but were not able to take full advantage of all the features. The same is most likely to happen with iOS 8. We can expect that following devices to fully support iOS 8 .

iOS 8 Cydia Supported Devices :

  • New iPhone – dubbed the iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPod Touch 5

Other devices will more than likely not have support for some of the features. The iPhone and iPad 2 will almost certainly be dropped from the lineup and there is also speculation that the iPhone 5C will find its way out of the door as well this year.

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Those of you that already make good use of the current jailbreaks will know what to expect in the future and you will also have some of your own ideas about what you want to see on iOS 8 and how it will fit in with the jailbreak.

iOS 8 is not expected to undergo any real aesthetic changes, instead the focus is on new features and apps and improvements to existing ones. Apple continues to build on what they say is their vision of what the future should hold but it seems to have passed them by that this is exactly the future that may people already experience with jailbreaking.

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