iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 will be released next Month

Apple has always opted for the month of September for each of its major releases. After that follows a series of version updates. One can expect this to trend to change with the iOS 8 where Apple is already gearing up to build its schedule of release.

cydia-ios8-ios-8.2-ios-8.3 Apple latest mobile operating system, namely the iOS 8 has already begun to come out in different versions. Each version consists of added new features. The latest version that have already released to the public are the iOS 8.1 in its beta form. Trusted sources also say that the iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 are already in their working process and are expected to launch very soon.

Let us mention some of the added features in these new versions. Inter-application Siri, an improvised Touch ID and an interactive notification section are only a few of the changes that have been introduced by Apple. The Cupertino Company has always been popular for bringing the most innovative features in the mobile software industry. They have kept up this quality by adding applications like HomeKit, CarPlay, HealthKit and Apple Pay. There’s more to it. These applications have also been merged with their latest yet-to-release products such as the Apple Watch.

In the world of software,it is not a new phenomenon to launch constant updates of already existing products. Other companies like Mozilla and Google also do the same. But as far as Apple is concerned, frequent updates is a new experience. Currently, Apple users do not have to wait for prolonged periods to obtain a new version of operating system that provides newer features. iOS 8 has been experiencing both major and minor updates.

Frequent release of software updates has some advantages in the software world. Firstly, as has already been mentioned above, it enables lesser waiting periods for users who are anticipating improved features. Moreover it is an advanced approach in the modern world. As far as the firmware is considered, this approach has allowed for less problems that occur due to the introduction of too many new features at the same time. Periodic introduction of crucial updates also gives enough time to the user to get settled with the changes.

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