Installing Cydia on iOS 8 Legal or Not ?

Jailbreaking has been alive and kicking since not long after the very first iPhone was released in 2007. As each year passes and each new Cydia iOS 8 jailbreak utility is released, more and more people come on board. When Evasi0n for iOS 7 was released, it broke all records with more than 24 million downloads, 1.7 million of those in the first day alone.

Image : Cydia iOS 8 Download

cydia ios 8 download

Evasi0n 7 proved to be just as popular, despite being released in a bit of a hurry and in spite of the problems that plagued it to start with. That said, there are still those who believe that Jailbreaking is wrong, that it is illegal and that it will damage your iPhone. These are the people who will not be downloading Cydia on to iOS 8 later on this year.

Will it be Legal to download Cydia on iOS 8 ?

Yes, it will. In 2010, the US government ruled jailbreaking to be perfectly legal and gave it exemption from the DMCA rules. As of this moment, that ruling stands and, as it is not due to be reviewed until 2015 at the earliest, it will still be legal to download Cydia on to iOS 8.

The reasoning behind the positive ruling from the US government was that owners of electrical gadgets such as the iPhone should be allowed to download apps from third-party suppliers and modify their devices how they see fit.

Despite this ruling, Apple is still not in agreement and will not tolerate jailbreaking. Although they now cannot take any legal action against a person who jailbreaks, they can, and will, void their warranty.

Can I Get Cydia Any Way Other Than Jailbreaking ?

No. Cydia is an integral part of the jailbreak and that will still be the case with iOS 8. If you don’t want Cydia, you don’t need to jailbreak. If you do want Cydia, you will have to jailbreak.

As we all know, Apple patched the exploits used in the jailbreak with iOS 7.1. Right now, only devices on iOS 7 – 7.0.6 can be jailbroken using Evasi0n 7. Anyone on iOS 7.1 or 7.1.1 will need to wait until the next jailbreak is released.

iOS 8 is due to be unveiled in June, followed, we hope, by public release in September. If this is the case, within a matter of months the iOS 8 jailbreak will be released and the whole cycle will start again.

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