How to Remove Cydia – Unjailbreak iOS

How to remove or Delete Cydia and Unjailbreak iOS, Jailbreaking has become an extremely popular with people to such an extent that users got to Jailbreaking their devices as soon as they acquired them, in such a case of a new jailbreak coming out in accordance. The adverse effects being jailbreakers getting very restless if a jailbreak isn’t available for a particular version of the firmware.But the singularity in the eagerness to wait for the developments is always there for Jailbreaking and shared by Cydia.

As we all know Saurik A.K. A Jay Freeman released Cydia somewhere in Feb of 2008 and ever since that happened, there has never been a look back period as there has never been shortages of tweaks, apps etc., plain fact anything to serve the Jailbroken iOS devices. Saurik has been updating the Cydia regularly, and he knows its importance of how important it is in the jailbreak community, taking care of it all pretty well.

How to Delete or Remove Cydia

iOS users install Cydia just on a curious note to maybe find out what it is and how all of it works and stuff. Here are some myth busters that might help most iOS users

  • Cydia doesn’t create problems to the iOS device when installed on them.
  • Installing Cydia DOESNOT Void the Warranty! You can uninstall Cydia and restore the status of warranty.

Well if you have thought on these lines, Please read on as this information might help guide you in restoring faith towards Cydia. Well installing Cydia on your device means the gateway to Jailbreaking it, which means warranty will be Void only as a temporary status. Now say you had to take your iOS device to an Apple Center, all you have to do is uninstall Cydia from your device and there will not be a question raised regarding warranty of your iOS device.

Reasons to probably go back to the stock iOS, or maybe the fact of selling your device and fear that the person buying it might not have an idea on Jailbreaking and might dislike it since it’s not in Stock condition. Please in such a case feel free to uninstall Cydia in the one of the following methods mentioned below. Whatever may be the reason, if you want to Delete Cydia from your iOS device, then just use one of the following methods.

How to Uninstall Cydia Application Icon

  • On the Home screen on your device, go to the page showing the Cydia Icon
  • Tap and hold on to the Cydia icon for  couple of seconds
  • This will get the apps on the page to wiggle
  • Tap on the x mark on the right top corner of the Cydia app
  • Select the Delete option and complete removal of the app completely from your device.

Please keep in mind that this is meant to Delete the Application Icon from your Device and not restore it back to it original stock, Please go through the step below.

Cydia Impactor: A known Tweak to get back to your Stock iOS Device back

Cydia Impactor is a well-known and useful tweak that restores the jail broken iOS device back to its Stock format and it deletes Cydia completely from the device. This method does not downgrade the firmware, it just removes any activity indicating the existence of Cydia or any jailbreak that was done on the iOS device, cleaning it just practically undetectable of a jailbreak ever happening. This method is without the use of iTunes and is a method that can be used if you want to just remove Cydia on a temporary time period and this keeps the device jailbreakable. This is a method advised when selling your device or even sending it for repairs to the Apple Centre.

Restoring back to Stock Using iTunes

The best method to remove Cydia from your iOS device is to restore your device by connecting it to iTunes on your System and restoring it to Stock iOS. The iOS 9 firmware download links could be found online and this restore will Cydia completely and remove all the Jailbreaking done on to this device. It then updates the firmware to the latest available update if any. These methods will surely get you to finding a solution to this topic!

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