How to Fix iOS 8 This Update Cannot be Installed Space Error

How to Fix iOS 8 This Update Cannot be Installed Space Error, One issue that most people have encountered trying to download iOS 8 is lack of enough space. The previous versions of iOS required just 3 GB of space, but iOS 8 comes with a 5 GB need for space for iPhone and iPod and for those with iPad it requires 7 GB of space. If your device is 16 GB chances are you might not have enough space unless there is nothing in that device. Below are a couple of methods on how you can go around this situation.


Method 1 – Update via iTunes

This comes up as the most preferred method as there is no need to free your memory to go by this.

  1. You first need to update iTunes to the latest version.
  2. Back up your data on the device with iTunes.

The above method is effective because the download does not go straight to the device making it needless to free space. Another way to do it with iTunes is to first download IPSW file, this works when you are updating more than one device.

Method 2 – free some Space

For this you have to do away with a lot of things in your device before you can download the firmware.

  1. First you must back up your data.
  2. Any apps that are no longer being used should be uninstalled.
  3. All media files no longer needed should be cleared then the rest of the data moved to iCloud or an external memory. They can be returned later.
  4. You also need to go through all your files on the device and do away with whatever is not needed.

This is not the best method because it consumes a lot of time and there are high chances of deleting stuff that you may need accidentally. The iTunes method is the way to go more so when you would like to take advantage of the next jailbreak to be released.

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