How to Enable iOS 9 News App

How to Enable iOS 9 News App, Follow the steps given below to enable the Apple news app in iOS 9 for countries outside US. The iOS9 comes with four non-removable apps and one of them is the Apple news. But the sad news is that it is an US-only launch. However there is always a solution for any problem. Before I tell you how to get the News app on your iOS 9 device, we must have a look at what this news app actually is, basically if you have ever used flipboard app you can get the idea of what the Apple News app is all about.


Apple news app allows you to add the feed sources (here they are called channels) of your favorite websites to the news app, which will collect the updates from all your sources and show you in a newspaper style format. This is a very helpful app for those who wants all updates in one locations but for me personally is not a fan of the concept the reason because, with multiple sources the amount of updates will be really high and it increases the chances of missing something important. Anyway we will show you how to enable the News app on your iOS 9 device if you are outside of the US.

How you can enable the Apple news app on iOS 9

  1. Go to the settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Go to GeneralLanguage & Region.
  3. Select the region option in the new popup.
  4. Now use the search option to select the US or you can manually scroll and select the same.
  5. Tap on Done and confirm the settings.
  6. Finally confirm the changes so that the iOS will know that you prefer using the U.S region settings.

After everything is done the Apple news app should appear on your home screen. If it doesn’t appear automatically, reboot your device.

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