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Cydia iOS 9 Download, Apple’s unveiled iOS 9 at the WWDC 2015 last June and immediately released it to developers but unlike others this time Apple also released the iOS 9 Beta for all users who wish to try out the software before the gold master release. The Public beta was released on 8th of July 2015 and hit us right on the face with amazing new features and addons. But as history repeats itself the main question was is about iOS 9 Jailbreak.

According to sources Jailbreakers are already set to release iOS 9 Jailbreak but will wait for the final version to hit the audiences. This clears the doubts that a Jailbreak for iOS 9 is on its way as soon the final version is released. Although there is no clear official news from the jailbreak teams but looking at the speed these groups are releasing the jailbreaks for iOS 8.1.x we are sure our sources are right.

How to Get Cydia on iOS 9

There are two ways to get Cydia on iOS 9:

  • The first method is to jailbreak your iOS device using the latest jailbreak for iOS 9. You will need the jailbreak tool, a device running on iOS 9 and Mac or PC for running the tool.
  • The second way is by using Safari web browser on your iOS device. This method doesn’t require any jailbreak tool but remember this will just add the Cydia icon on your device. However, you can keep on checking the Cydia icon as if a jailbreak comes for iOS 9 you can get the news from there.

Method 1 – Steps to Get Cydia icon on iOS 9 Without Jailbreak

  1. First of all make sure you are using iOS 9 if not download iOS 9 and install it.
  2. Launch the Safari App on your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch. Other browsers wont work.
  3. Now visit the website – and wait for it to load.
  4. Now tap on the UP arrow at the bottom middle of your screen.
  5. Tap on Add to Home Screen for adding Cydia to your Home Screen.
  6. Rename Cydia iOS 9 to Cydia and tap on Add at the top right corner.
  7. Now you will have Cydia on your Home Screen.

Method 2 – Steps to Install Cydia on iOS 9 Using Pangu 9 Jailbreak for iOS 9 – NEW

Pangu Released iOS 9 jailbreak today named Pangu 9, this method uses Pangu 9 to jailbreak iOS 9 on your device and install Cydia, this is the official cydia which will let your download and install cydia tweaks, for full tutorial check iOS 9 jailbreak using Pangu 9. The steps are a bit complicated so make sure you follow the steps exactly as we described. For any issues we will be covering the jailbreak and solutions for any problem, if you face any problem let us know in the comments below.

Using Method 1 you will get the cydia icon on your iOS 9 device but will not be able to install tweaks, but using using Method 2 which jailbreaks iOS 9 using Pangu 9 you can enjoy Cydia and all its tweaks. For any queries leave as a comment below, since Pangu 9 is a new jailbreak there can be security issues with it or any other serious problems please subscribe to us via email and we will instantly notify you for any problem with solutions to fix.

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