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The Chinese team of jailbreak developers, Pangu, had recently released a jailbreak utility for iOS 8-8.1 which was indeed a very happy occasion for everyone. However, Pangu is not the only team which deserves all the accolades, as there are other jailbreak developers too who have developed some useful features. The Cydia developer, Saurik, showed great effort in building a Cydia application which supports the iOS 8 jailbreak utility. The latest version for Cydia named 1.1.16 has just been released by Saurik. Some of the issues found in the older version have also been resolved in this update. Here you can find the complete information regarding the changelog of Cydia and also the method by which you can download the latest version.


Update : Download iOS 8 jailbreak Pangu – Click Here

Cydia 1.1.15 was the preceding version, which was also developed and released by Saurik only a couple of days back. This version had already made a lot of positive changes in the Cydia application such as the inclusion of multitasking functioning and at the same time, it also solved most of the problems such as issues with passcode. Cydia 1.1.16 has brought yet a number of improvements and error fixes.

The latest version of Cydia has been launched and represented as a ‘bug fix’ version and it does stand up to this name too. One of the major fixes has been that of the “Restore from Backup” option which is currently functioning smoothly. The problem with this feature in the older version was that, whenever a user accessed it, he/she would have to perform the reinstallation of Cydia Installer. With the latest version, reinstallation is not needed.

As mentioned before, Cydia 1.1.15 offered a new feature called the multitasking support that provided a timeout of 15 seconds. This timing has been increased to 15 minutes in Cydia 1.1.16. Another feature which was added in 1.1.15 is the pop-ups from the App Store being blocked, which has been further enhanced in 1.1.16 to block the entry of these pop-ups from the internet.

The following lines shows the entire changelog of Cydia 1.1.16:

iOS 8 ‘Restore from Backup’ Fixed

This update fixes an important bug in Cydia 1.1.14 and 1.1.15 on iOS 8: if you used “restore from backup” in iTunes after your first use of Cydia, you needed to reinstall this package to make sure your device could safely reboot with a passcode enabled.

It should now be OK to use the iTunes “restore from backup” feature without needing to then reinstall Cydia Installer afterward to avoid reboot problems.

Increase iOS 8 Multitask Timeout

Cydia automatically refreshes the package catalog if it was suspended too long. This timeout is now set to 15 minutes. It had previously been only 15 seconds, because that’s what I was using to test this feature, and I forgot to change it back. (Doh.)

Improved App Store Redirect Block

The initial version of this feature turned out to only be partially effective: we have done wider testing and have improved our iTunes URL detection.

Login Dialog on iPad Works Now

Apparently, logging in to an account on an iPad would not reload the login dialog, making it seem like you needed to log in again?! This is now fixed.

If you want to upgrade your Cydia application to its latest version so that you can enjoy all the advantages mentioned in the changelog, then open Cydia on your device, find the Cydia Installer and check whether the version which is mentioned here is 1.1.16 or not. In case it is not 1.1.16, then perform the refresh function and install it again. Once the installation is done, your device will reboot, after which you can start enjoying the convenience of the latest version of Cydia.

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