5 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 8 from iOS 7

5 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 8 from iOS 7, iOS 8 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. With this new version, its users can enjoy several new exciting features. A number of improvements have been made in iOS 8 compared to its older versions. For those who are skeptical about upgrading to iOS 8, here are some unique features found in the latest iOS version which can help you decide whether to go ahead with an upgrade.


Quicktype keyboard- Compared to its older versions, iOS 8 has an additional feature which enables a user to type faster with minimal errors. This is achieved with the Quicktype keyboard bar located on top of the keyboard. As the user types the words, this new feature predicts the text that he/she wishes to enter. The user can choose any of the text options if it concurs to his/her desired text. There is also an AutoCorrect feature which automatically corrects any obvious errors that the user types.

Battery Usage feature- Another useful feature of the iOS 8 is its display of the battery usage. A sudden reduction in the battery charge is something that every user dreads as they are not able to use their device without charging for a long time. This problem can be solved to a great extent using Battery Usage feature which can be found under Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. It shows how much battery is being used by each application over the last 24 hours or last 7 days.

Improved messages app– Messaging is an important aspect of the iPhone device. This new feature gives access to Quick-reply that assists in sending voice messages and pictures in a jiffy. There is an audio icon next to the message input box using which you can send audio/voice messages. For sending pictures, choose the camera icon next to the message input box.

Camera App– This new feature will especially appeal to the photo enthusiasts out there. iOS 8 has introduced a number of improvements to its Camera application such as exposure control, timer, enhanced slow motion and many more exciting features.

Interactive notifications– The notifications section in the older versions are quite boring with basically just an alert of a new activity in a particular application. In iOS 8, one can perform actions from the notifications section without having to navigate to the particular application. For this purpose, you need to swipe left on a notification and choose your desired action.

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